Our Services

Priding ourselves on being a cost-effective one-stop shop, Lane Logistics has a wide array of services and capabilities. At the core of our business, we manage all routine warehousing tasks without question which are outlined below.

We also put emphasis on our value-added services and are able to handle demanding Display Building and Ad Hoc jobs for special promotions and marketing initiatives.

Our Services & Capabilities include:

Full Inventory Management
Worry less about your inventory. We keep accurate, live inventory which is updated in real time to ensure you have the most up to date information possible.
Pick and Pack Order Fulfillment
Complete order fulfillment on a daily, weekly, monthly, or promotional basis. With over 20 years of industry experience, this is our bread and butter.
Display Building & Re-packs
Black Friday Sales? Back to school promotions? Christmas campaigns? We handle all display building and product reworking in house at our facility. You name it and we can get it done.
E-commerce Fulfillment
Experienced and completely set up to handle all of your online needs. Currently servicing several online retailers and shipping directly to consumers, including: Amazon, Staples, Best Buy.
Complete EDI proficiency
Let’s eliminate that unnecessary need for papers flowing back and forth. Electronic data interchange is widely becoming the industry standard. We are highly competent in getting your business live with several retail partners. This is a great money saving opportunity.
Receiving & Quality Control
The first touch point is always the most important. Whether it be container destuffing or inbound returns, your goods are received and quality controlled for perfection before they are shipped to your customer.
Easy Onboarding
We like to “hand-hold” during the implementation phase and as your confidence builds in our abilities, we suggest that you focus on what you need to be doing so we can both do what we are best at.

Additional Services:

First-in, First-out (FIFO) and Lot Tracking
Cross Dock Operations
Reverse Logistics
Aggressive Freight Rates
Interested in one of our Services?