Community Service

Proud Sponsor of:

A humanitarian donation between the Canadian government and the Ukraine seen 6 ambulances sent from Winnipeg, MB via Lane Logistics to Halifax, NS where they were loaded onto a ship over to the Ukraine. We were very excited to be a part of this venture.

2016 Darren Lane, President & Owner of Lane Logistics and Fast Lane Freight Services – Rookie of the Year 2016 @ Red River Coop Speedway AND @ ALH Motor Speedway in Morden, MB!

Congratulations and thank you to the best pit crew ever (Todd Farr, Alex Farr, Ben Farr, Ken Lane, Lori Anderson, Brady Derksen, Mitch Farr & Kali Storm)

Run for the Cure

Convoy for Special Olympics (2011-2015)


   Back row (from left to right): Doug, Todd, Scott, Chris M., Chris B., Kali & Darren
   Front row: Janey , Nicole, Lainey, Owen


   From left to right: (Back row:) Scott (with Alexis), Darren, Benny, Todd, Doug
   Middle row: Nicole, Kali, Mitch, Helen, Carol
   Kneeling: Igor and Lainey

MTA Curling (Since 2014)


   From left to right: Erick McCormick, Kali Storm, John Redekop, Kathryn Ritchot